good egg productions has been around since 2004. It started as a hobby and a love of photography and grew into something a bit more.

I choose the projects I take on. They have to interest me on some level to inspire the creativity you deserve for your needs. I may not be the right photographer for you. That's ok with me. It's the main reason I don't shoot weddings any more. Your event is far more important to be left to someone who 'also' does weddings.

If good egg productions specializes in something, it would have to be model photography and portfolio development. With about 12 years of experience and having worked with over 800 individuals, I feel I have a good idea of how to communicate and find the best images for each person.

good egg productions is not good egg photography because I always had a vision for this to be more than just photography. As such, I also do video work. Commercial, model videos, and short films and this year I'm adding coporate work to my resume.

Most people find me very easy to work with and I pride myself on providing a comfortable environment, before, during and after your shoot. If you would like to schedule a shoot or if you have any questions at all, please don't hesitate to contact me.


Thank you,

Gregory Mohn


email -

phone - 407-497-3909